COVID-19 Update

Pre-Covid, the Waterloo Wellington Regional Aphasia program ran in person services in 12 different locations throughout Waterloo Wellington.  Due to COVID restrictions, we are currently running in person programming out of 25 Wellington St. Guelph, 234 St. Patrick St. East Fergus, and Traverse Independence- Kitchener location.  We continue to work with organizations to re-open our services as we are able.  In the interim, we are offering virtual conversation and support groups to all Aphasia participants.

About the Aphasia Program

Following a stroke or brain injury, people may experience aphasia or a language disorder that makes it difficult to understand others, read, write, or express oneself. Being able to communicate is essential to all parts of daily activity. With the right supports, aphasia doesn’t have to limit life participation.

St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph (SJHCG) is proud to be the lead organization of the Waterloo Wellington Regional Aphasia Program (WWRAP). This program, which includes therapeutic conversation groups and family support groups, provides a nurturing and supportive environment where people can learn new ways to communicate using simple tools and techniques.

Therapeutic Conversation Groups
The goal of the Therapeutic Conversation Groups is to help people to be active and participate in meaningful conversations with others. In this program, participants learn supportive communication tools and techniques that can be practiced and applied in a social setting. These therapeutic groups help to build confidence and self-esteem, while also giving people the ability to connect and build relationships with others who are experiencing similar challenges.

Family Support
Aphasia can also have an impact on close friends, family members, and caregivers. This program offers support groups where caregivers can learn simple tools to help them communicate with their loved one. The group also discusses issues such as stress management and social isolation.


The Aphasia Program is for people who have aphasia, as a result of stroke or brain injury, and the condition will remain the same or improve. Participants should have completed, or nearly completed, their course of speech language therapy and be able to participate in groups and maintain attention for longer periods of time. This program does not offer individual speech language therapy and is not available to residents in long term care facilities or those who may have more significant cognitive limitations.

The WWRAP-Up Newsletter

Locations and Referrals


To learn more about WWRAP or to be referred to this program, contact us at 519-824-6000 ext. 4357.