The St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph (SJHCG) main site at 100 Westmount Road in Guelph, offers a gated parking lot to the south of the facility reserved for staff with swipe cards, this lot is labeled P3. A separate gated public parking lot for clients, visitors, medical staff, clergy, volunteers, and general staff is conveniently situated in front of the building close to the main doors of the facility. The main entrance to the public parking lot is labeled P1. A second entrance labeled P2 to this public parking lot (entrance located across from the staff lot) is for swipe card access only.

Parking directly in front of our main doors is reserved for emergency vehicles only. Parking anywhere other than the designated spaces within the public lot is not permitted.

To enter at P1 Main Entrance the user must either:

  1. touch/hold their swipe card on the  symbol.
  2. push the blue button for a barcoded entry ticket.
  3. scan their 1 or 7 day pass on the red barcode scanner. Users MUST scan their multi day pass on entry, if they have one from their previous visit, or anti passback will not let them leave. These multi day passes work essentially the same as a swipe card once they have been purchased.

To exit at P1 Main Exit the user must either:

  1. Touch/hold their swipe card on the  symbol.
  2. Insert their barcoded entry ticket into the ticket slot. If ticket was paid at lobby pay station, the gate will automatically open.
  3. If the user has a validation ticket, they would insert that ticket first, followed by their entry ticket.

If barcoded entry ticket was not paid, user can pay with credit card (tap or insert chip card), or debit card (tap only- their card must be tap enabled).

Please note that parking in our lots is at the owner’s risk.

Parking Fees

Parking rates are periodically reviewed by Management and are based on Ministry of Health and Long Term Care directives.

At the gate to our public lot, labeled P1, the machine will dispense a white ticket before the gate rises to allow entrance. Please take your white ticket into the Health Centre with you to pay your fee at the parking pay station located in the lobby. The lobby pay station accepts visa, debit and cash. Upon exit, the machine will require you to insert their white ticket before the gate will rise.

SJHCG is happy to offer the first 20 minutes of parking in our public lot at no charge.

General Fee

Beyond 20 minutes, the parking fee is a flat rate of $6 for a single entry/exit, and is payable at the machine at the gate upon exit, using Canadian bills or coins.

Student Rate

Students can purchase discounted parking passes from our Information Desk in the main lobby at a rate of $4 per pass. Tickets are sold in a package of 10 passes for $40.

Multiple Use Pass Cards

In line with Ministry of Health and Long Term Care parking directives and to reduce parking costs for longer-stay clients, SJHCG offers multiple entry/exit parking pass cards for clients, visitors and their families.

   Card 1 – multiple entry/exit parking pass card issued for one or more days at a rate of $10 per day.

   Card 2 – Seven day multiple entry/exit (non-refundable) parking pass at a rate of $35 per week.

Both cards are accessible through the parking pay station in the main lobby.

Please Noteyou must keep the multi day ticket. These multi day passes work essentially the same as a swipe card once they have been purchased, you must use the card for every entrance and exit.

Long Term Care Resident & Palliative Patient Families

Long Term Care residents, palliative patients, and their families are given a maximum of 3 parking cards per family. An additional one-time refundable deposit of $10 per card is payable at the time of issue.


Volunteers with proper identification can request a parking pass or validation for a parking ticket at the Information Desk in the main lobby or in the Volunteer Office.