Delivering client and family-centred care is a priority for St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph (SJHCG). To achieve this, we are taking steps towards greater involvement of clients and families in the planning and delivery of care. The development of a plan for increased client and family engagement at SJHCG is one of the focused initiatives identified in our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.

Through surveys and focus groups, our clients and families are engaged in the development of our annual Quality Improvement Plan – a formal commitment to quality improvement that is aligned with system and provincial priorities. Recently, we took the opportunity to include client and family representatives on interview panels when recruiting for leadership roles within the Health Centre.

At SJHCG, we believe that the best decisions are made with input from our clients, families, and caregivers, and we want to ensure that our engagement with you is meaningful.

As a client or family member of one of our Hospital Programs (Complex Medical, Rehabilitation, and Palliative Care), we encourage you to reach out to us with any thoughts or comments around what more we can do to involve you in the planning and delivery of your care. This feedback can be provided to hospital staff to bring forward to the program manager.

Long Term Care clients and family members are encouraged to get involved in the councils described below or to seek out the appropriate council representatives.

Long Term Care (LTC) Family Council

The objective of Family Council is to provide an opportunity for families to share information with SJHCG administration regarding client care needs, and to allow administration a means to support family members by informing and educating them about the services that SJHCG provides. To achieve this, our Vice President Clinical Services and Chief Nurse Executive acts as the appointed administration representative for Family Council meetings. The SJHCG President attends meetings as able and when invited.

The current Family Council began in April 2005. It includes family representatives from each of the neighborhoods in long term care, complex medical, and rehabilitation. Members’ contact information is posted on each neighborhood/unit so that families can identify their respective representative.

Family Council meetings are typically held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 1:00 pm in the Level 1 Family Room. Check the monthly Client Activity Calendars for confirmation of meeting time and location.

Long Term Care (LTC) Residents’ Council

The LTC Residents’ Council is an opportunity for residents at SJHCG to have a voice in shaping the quality of life and services at the Health Centre. A variety of topics relevant to residents are discussed at monthly meetings.

The Council works continuously with SJHCG staff and administration to explore ways of improving the services SJHCG provides. To achieve this, staff and administration are invited to participate in Council meetings as needed.

Any concerns raised at Council meetings are shared with SJHCG administration. Responses to these concerns and minutes of meetings are posted on the Residents’ Council bulletin board by the Town Square elevators each month.

Resident Council meetings are typically held the 3rd Friday of each month at 1:30 pm in the Level 2 Linamar Auditorium and are open to all LTC residents. No formal membership is required. Support to attend meetings is available through contacting Recreation Therapy. Check the monthly Client Activity Calendars for confirmation of meeting time and location.

As Residents’ Council is a voice for residents, themselves, residents’ loved ones are encouraged to stay connected with the organization through Family Council.


To learn more about LTC Family Council, please contact 519-824-6000 ext. 4350.

To learn more about LTC Residents’ Council, please call 519-824-6000 to speak with:

  • Sandra Schramm-Tschirhart (2 East – Linden & Cherrywood), Residents’ Council President
  • Karie Bilger, Clinical Lead, Recreation Therapy, ext. 4294 (staff support)
  • Donna Marion, Volunteer Services, ext. 4359 (staff support)