Delivering client and family-centred care is a priority for St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph (SJHCG). To achieve this, we are taking steps towards greater involvement of clients and families in the planning and delivery of care. The development of a plan for increased client and family engagement at SJHCG is one of the focused initiatives identified in our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.

At SJHCG, we believe that the best decisions are made with input from our clients, families, and caregivers, and we want to ensure that our engagement with you is meaningful. Below are opportunities for involvement at SJHCG that we encourage clients and family members to consider. Click the plus sign beside each title (+) to reveal additional information.


Patient and Family Advisory Council

The purpose of the PFAC at SJHCG is to partner with SJHCG leadership to improve the client experience.  The Council serves as an advisory resource to enhance the design and delivery of person centred care and represents the voice of the client and family members.

Members of the PFAC:

  • Provide input and advice on specific issues related to healthcare delivery and services
  • Participate in the development of new programs, services, and client/family tools
  • Assist with the creation of long term strategies for client and family Involvement

Who can be a member of PFAC?

Members must have experience as a SJHCG client or as the family member of a SJHCG client within the past three years. Current clients and/or family members are also welcome.

We are looking for members who:

  • Have a passion for enhancing the healthcare experience for other clients and families
  • Are committed to contributing to meaningful change
  • Are open to seeing beyond their own personal experiences
  • Have the ability to work collaboratively with other clients, families, and healthcare providers
  • Are respectful of others and their perspectives
  • Have the ability to speak comfortably in a group


For additional information about SJHCG’s PFAC, please contact the Director; Strategy & Client Experience at 519-824-6000 ext. 4380.

PFAC Member Application

If you are interested in becoming a member of SJHCG’s PFAC, please fill out this form.

Long Term Care (LTC) Family Council

The objective of Family Council is to provide an opportunity for families to share information with SJHCG administration regarding residents’ care needs and to improve the overall quality of life for our residents.  Our work is guided by the Fixing Long-Term Care Act (FLTCA), 2021, and the Family Council Terms of Reference.

Family Council meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 1:00-2:30pm in the level 3 boardroom.  Check the monthly Life Enrichment Activity Calendar or LTC Communication Board Family Council section for confirmation of the meeting time and location.

♥ Together we can make a difference


To learn more about LTC Family Council, please contact 519-824-6000 ext. 4463.

Long Term Care (LTC) Residents' Council

The LTC Residents’ Council is an opportunity for residents at SJHCG to have a voice in shaping the quality of life and services at the Health Centre. A variety of topics relevant to residents are discussed at monthly meetings.

The Council works continuously with SJHCG staff and administration to explore ways of improving the services SJHCG provides. To achieve this, staff and administration are invited to participate in Council meetings as needed.

Any concerns raised at Council meetings are shared with SJHCG administration. Responses to these concerns and minutes of meetings are posted on the Residents’ Council bulletin board by the LTC Information Board near the Ireland Lobby each month.

Residents’ Council meetings are typically held the 4th Tuesday of each month at 2 p.m. in the Level 2 Linamar Auditorium and are open to all LTC residents. No formal membership is required. Support to attend meetings is available through contacting Recreation Therapy. Check the monthly Client Activity Calendars for confirmation of meeting time and location.

As Residents’ Council is a voice for residents, themselves, residents’ loved ones are encouraged to stay connected with the organization through Family Council.


Residents’ Council may be reached via staff Residents’ Council assistants, please call 519-824-6000 to speak with:

  • Karie Bilger, Clinical Lead, Recreation Therapy, ext. 4294
  • Nadia Lowe, Social Service Worker,  ext. 4383