The project includes 28 Seniors market rate rental townhomes and a mix of affordable and market rental units in the 87-unit Seniors apartment building (with 65 units designated as affordable). The mixed-income, mixed-use approach ensures the development will have ongoing financial viability.

The Housing Corporation is working with Amico Design Build Inc. and Amico Properties Inc. to develop the Housing Corporation’s vacant land at 120 Westmount Road and 395 Edinburgh Road North for the Project. Projected completion for this project is two and a half years. The Project started construction in August 2020.

The Housing Corporation is in the process of finalizing project funding with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) through the National Housing Co-Investment Fund (NHCF). The NHCF provides low-cost loans and/or capital contributions to build new affordable housing. To make federal investments go further, projects must have support from another level of government in order to be approved for funding from the NHCF. For the Silver Maple Seniors Community Project (SMSC) these partners include the County of Wellington and the City of Guelph.

Since 2012, St. Joseph’s Housing Corporation has been operating an affordable housing building at 401 Edinburgh Road, known as The Residences of St. Joseph’s. The long waitlist for units in The Residences of St. Joseph’s has demonstrated the need for additional affordable housing for Seniors in Guelph.

The Silver Maple Seniors Community will be an inclusive, vibrant and affordable neighbourhood for Seniors who need it most, and will foster an environment where seniors can feel safe, comfortable and independent. The SMSC Project is focused on providing affordable, accessible housing to seniors including seniors living with disabilities.

Designed with the accessibility needs of seniors in mind, exterior routes through the parking lot, parkette and the greater development have been designed using AODA standards and Ontario Building Code requirements for accessibility of public space. Efficiency in energy consumption and sustainable practices have also been incorporated in the building design and throughout the construction of the project.

The waitlists for the Silver Maple Seniors Community Project are being managed by the Resident Manager for The Residences of St. Joseph’s. This includes both the Seniors Affordable Apartment units, the Seniors Market Rent Apartment units and the Seniors Market Rent Townhomes. To be added to either waitlist please contact our Resident Manager at (519) 822-9284 or email to

For information about The Residences of St. Joseph’s, click here.