St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph (SJHCG) offers a low-intensity rehabilitation program and a general/stroke rehabilitation program to those who have experienced a health event, such as chronic heart failure or stroke. Low-intensity and general/stroke rehabilitation are options when patients are stable enough to leave an acute care hospital, but not yet strong enough to return home.

More information about low-intensity and general/stroke rehabilitation is provided below.

SJHCG also offers a number of outpatient rehabilitation programs at the Hasenfratz Rehabilitation Pavillion. These programs support people of all ages who need general rehabilitation after a medical event, accident, or stroke.

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Low-Intensity and General/Stroke Rehabilitation

The low-intensity and rehab/stroke rehabilitation program aims to support patients in improving their strength, independence, and quality of life.

SJHCG has 27 rehabilitation beds and 15 to 17 low-intensity rehabilitation beds. Upon discharge, patients can access our outpatient rehabilitation programs.

A Space that Promotes Healing

SJHCG has a number of safe and accessible spaces where patients work to improve their functional ability and confidence in performing regular day-to-day tasks.

Our therapy gym offers a wide variety of equipment to suit the unique needs of patients. Working with the rehabilitation team, patients use a variety of techniques to regain their strength and mobility.

Regaining confidence and independence also includes interacting with others in a social capacity. Our dining room offers inpatients an inviting space to work on eating independently while enjoying the company of their peers.

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In addition to indoor space, patients have access to our one-of-a-kind, outdoor rehabilitation garden. The Pearson Motion Rehabilitation Garden allows patients to spend time outdoors to practice navigating everyday tasks like gardening and getting in and out of a car.

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For more information about rehabilitation services at SJHCG, please contact Home and Community Care Support Services – Waterloo Wellington, at 1-888-883-3313 or visit their website at Home and Community Care Waterloo Wellington LHIN (