The safety of our clients is of prime importance at St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph (SJHCG). We are constantly working to identify safety risks and to improve the quality of care we provide – care that will meet the physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, and emotional needs of all of our clients. SJHCG has a long and distinguished history of providing safe, client-centred care. This tradition continues today in the work of our staff, physicians, and volunteers, to enhance the well-being, comfort, and safety of every person who comes to us for help and healing.

To track our performance in a host of areas, and to let others see how we are doing, we use performance indicators. Indicators help us to see where we are and if we need to improve in any area of the care we provide. Over time, indicators help identify trends so we can learn more about what we do well and whether the steps we take to improve are working. They also allow us to compare our performance against other similar institutions to ensure that we are keeping pace with the best practices that research and developing technologies make available to us.

To help you understand their meaning, we have provided information about what each indicator measures. We encourage you to follow the links below and review the information provided.


Please direct any comments or questions about performance at SJHCG to the Vice President of Clinical Services and Chief Nurse Executive at 519-824-6000.