Clients and families are encouraged to check here each month for a listing of activities and events:

Recreation therapy programs are offered to long term care residents in a large group setting, small group setting, or one-on-one at the bedside, depending on the person’s needs. Each month, there are a number of recreational events that are also open to family members, our hospital patients, and those accessing inpatient rehabilitation services.

 March 2020

Community Programs

Most Recreation Therapy Department programs and services are offered to Long Term Care residents only.  A selection of programs and services are offered to the whole St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph community, including Long Term Care residents, Complex Medical patients, Inpatient Rehabilitation clients, and their loved ones. View the listing of these open programs and services: March 2020 Community Programs.

Recreation Therapy Connection

For more detailed information and news about Recreation Therapy Department initiatives, please read the “Recreation Therapy Connection” section of the “Family and Friends Newsletter.”  You can also review the “Recreation Therapy Connection” here.