Friday, May 1, 2020 — GUELPH, ON— All 297 patients and residents at St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph that were tested on April 18 were negative for COVID-19. Collection of resident and patient swabs was part of St. Joseph’s whole facility testing completed between Friday, April 17 and Monday, April 20 that includes testing for patients, residents and staff.

“It is an immense relief to know that, when the swabs were completed, none of the patients or residents at St. Joseph’s were positive for COVID-19,” said David Wormald, President of St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph. “We realize this is only a snapshot that provides information at a single point in time. We must remain vigilant and continue our exceptional infection prevention and control practices.”

St. Joseph’s has taken a number of proactive steps to help ensure the safety of residents and patients. Testing asymptomatic patients, residents and staff was one such measure that rose out of growing concern that people could be infected with COVID-19, but not show symptoms of illness. These people could be carriers who unknowingly transmit COVID-19 to others.

“We are deeply grateful to our healthcare partners in Guelph, who came together to help St. Joseph’s complete this testing blitz. We know that our community of healthcare providers have a history of collaboration and they have demonstrated yet again how we are stronger when we work together,” explained Mr. Wormald.

In addition to the results received for patients and residents, St. Joseph’s has also received 75% of the results for staff, almost 400 results. Two asymptomatic staff tested positive and are self-isolating at home. All other staff results have come back negative for COVID-19.