What Our Volunteers Say About St. Joseph's

"I love interacting with the residents."

"I enjoy helping people and working with the other volunteers."

"Just realizing how lucky I am and healthy enough to be able to help others and volunteer."

"They have all been good years – volunteering at St. Joseph’s” (from a volunteer of 23 years)."

"I enjoy my volunteer work at St. Joseph’s and I find the staff members to be excellent."

"I enjoy the company of residents and staff."

"Enjoy listening to the stories the residents have."

"Making a positive change in someone’s quality of life."

"The staff really appreciates my help."

"Helping others to see the brighter things, no matter what the problem is."

"Putting a smile on the faces of the seniors each Monday."

"I have always enjoyed volunteering at St. Joseph’s. Since I have been here I have met some wonderful staff, residents, and other volunteers that have made my experience a very rewarding one."

"The best experiences are when you can tell that the residents recognize you and seem to enjoy your company."