Volunteer Services Goals

The Volunteer Department’s primary goal is to enhance the quality of life for our residents and patients, their family members, participants in our programs, Centre staff, and the volunteers themselves by providing effective volunteer services to the various departments that make up the Health Centre.

Achieving our goal means ensuring that our volunteers are able to promote independence in all aspects of resident life (social, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical) through purposeful activities as outlined in our Enhanced Living Model.

To accomplish this, the Volunteer Services Department:

  • promotes quality volunteer programs that meets the needs of our residents and clients;
  • facilitates the involvement of volunteers throughout St. Joseph’s Health Centre;
  • ensures a meaningful and rewarding experience for every volunteer;
  • promotes continuous development of the existing volunteer programs;
  • increases staff awareness of volunteer participation, and of the humane, enriching services which volunteers contribute; and,
  • promotes community awareness of the volunteer programs at St. Joseph’s Health Centre.