Who We Are

Board of Trustees


With a rich history built on the caring mission and values of the Sisters of St. Joseph, our Board of Trustees, management, staff, physicians, and volunteers work together to make St. Joseph’s Health Centre a leader in long-term care, complex continuing care, rehabilitation, and other important services that help people maintain and enhance their health and quality of life. Now, as our population ages, you can count on us to find and provide the additional services our community will require in the years ahead.

There are many challenges facing health care providers in today’s complex world. St. Joseph’s is working with our community partners to optimize the care we can deliver given the resources available to us. I assure you that we will always be innovative in our approach to providing quality care and effective in our use of resources.

The dedicated people who sit on our Board of Trustees take their responsibilities seriously and provide local leadership to ensure that the people we serve in our community have the health care services they need today and tomorrow, right here in Guelph Wellington. We very much appreciate your support for St. Joseph’s as we go forward to meet a challenging and exciting future.

Dan Cremasco, Chair

Board of Trustees