Spiritual and Religious Care

42_Sister-M-and-Alice.jpgThe staff of our Spiritual and Religious Care department at St. Joseph’s is committed to respecting and serving the diverse spiritual and religious care needs of our residents and patients honouring all faiths, traditions, rituals and cultures.

Programs staff is professionally, pastorally, and clinically trained and certified. Special consideration is given to all residents or patients who are new to St. Joseph's, to our palliative and rehabilitation patients, as well as to those residents who are experiencing a change of condition or behaviour. 

Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated Monday – Saturday in the chapel at 9.30 am; on Sunday, Mass is celebrated in the 2nd level auditorium at 10.00 am.

Interdenominational worship service is celebrated in the 2nd level auditorium every Sunday at 2.00 pm. 

Anglican Communion service is celebrated every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10.30 am in the chapel.  

Seasonal celebrations are held through the year and memorial services for deceased residents and patients are held twice annually.

Referrals for individual clergy, religious leaders in the community, or chaplaincy support are received formally and informally from staff, residents, patients, family members, friends, and/or volunteers.  Residents and patients are also encouraged and supported to maintain their connections with their own faith communities.
One-on-one spiritual and emotional support is also offered to staff and family members as needed. In collaboration with Hospice Wellington, grief counselling is offered for individuals who request it.