Recreation Therapy

Therapeutic recreation aims to restore or maintain the health by helping people learn how to use their leisure activities to achieve personal growth and their full potential.  The caring accepting attitude that a qualified recreation therapist brings to the relationship with his or her client helps to create free and open opportunities for accomplishment.  Our recreation therapists are important parts of our Long-Term Care, Complex Continuing Care, and in-patient Rehabilitation programs.
In keeping with our model of care, our recreation therapists design programs and services tailored to our residents' individual interests, preferences and abilities.  These services help people overcome potentially limiting conditions to live their lives to the fullest – physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.  A first-rate recreation program like the one we have developed at St. Joseph's helps build confidence, provides for social interaction, reduces feelings of loneliness, decreases agitation, and enriches lives by providing opportunities for our residents to express themselves creatively.
St. Joseph's is proud to offer one of the few recreation programs in Ontario that includes both a Horticultural Therapy Program and a Music Therapy Program.
Other recreation services include:
Pet therapy
Community outings
Sensory stimulation
Baking program
Seasonal celebrations
Special events
Ceramic program
Current events discussion group
Neighbourhood program
Italian social
Breakfast club
Pub night
Shopping trips
Coffee hour
…and more.