SJHCG QIPs from Previous Years

Previous Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs)

On June 8, 2010 the Government of Ontario passed the Excellent Care for All Act, 2010 (ECFAA) which required all hospitals to develop an Annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) that links to executive compensation and is publicly posted. SJHCG has demonstrated our commitment to quality improvement, transparency, and accountability through the completion of a Long Term Care QIP prior to QIP completion becoming a requirement in Long Term Care. Please see below to access our Hospital and Long Term Care QIPs from previous years. 

Combined Hospital and Long Term Care QIPs (as of 2016-17)

2017-18: Narrative Work Plan 2016-17 Progress Report
2016-17: Narrative Work Plan 2015-16 Progress Report

Hospital QIPs

2015-16: Narrative Work Plan 2014-15 Progress Report
2014-15: Narrative Work Plan 2013-14 Progress Report
2013-14: Narrative Work Plan 2012-13 Progress Report
2012-13: Narrative Work Plan 2011-12 Progress Report
 2011-12: Narrative Work Plan N/A 



Long Term Care QIPs

2015-16: Narrative Work Plan
2014-15: Narrative Work Plan
2013-14:  N/A Work Plan
2012-13:  N/A Work Plan