Accountability Agreements

St. Joseph’s Health Centre is committed to being transparent and accountable to our residents, patients, participants, and their families, as well as to our community. As part of our commitment, and in compliance with the Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act (CFMA), we have posted our Accountability Agreements. These documents outline our performance obligations and the resources through which we have promised to deliver care.

Copies of these documents are also available in the Library on Level One.

If you have any questions about these documents, please contact Anne Groulx, Vice President Finance and Information Services at 519.824.6000 x 4396 or David Wormald, President at 519.824.6000 x 4403.

Hospital Service Accountability Agreements (H-SAA):

Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement 2014-2017 (M-SAA)

 Articles 1-15
 Schedules A-G

Long Term Care Service Accountability Agreements (L-SAA):

Long-Term Care Service Accountability Agreement 2016-19 (L-SAA)