Our Accountability

St. Joseph’s is accountable to you

St. Joseph’s has a strong commitment to being open, transparent, and accountable to
our patients, their families, our community, and our funders.   

In 2010, the Government of Ontario introduced the Excellent Care for All Act as a means to
improve the quality hospital patients’ care experiences across the province. Under
the legislation hospitals must:       
  • develop and implement an annual quality improvement plan;      
  • have quality committees that report to the Board on quality-related issues;
  • tie executive compensation to targets set out in the annual quality improvement plan;
  • conduct patient/client/caregiver surveys to assess satisfaction with services;
  • conduct surveys to assess satisfaction with hospital staff’s employment experience and views about the quality of care the organization provides;
  • publish a Declaration of Values that is developed with public consultation; and
  • ensure an appropriate patient-relations process is in place to address any issues that arise.

Code of Conduct

As a condition of employment with St. Joseph’s Health Centre, employees are expected to adhere to St. Joseph’s Code of Conduct. Employees are encouraged to discuss any situations of concern or doubt regarding the Code of Conduct with their supervisor, or if necessary, the VP, HR & Support Services, or the President.

Please click here for access to St. Joseph's Code of Conduct Policy.