Hospital Programs

St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph (SJHCG) offers a wide variety of programs and services to support people of all ages. Our services are offered in our Long Term Care Home, in our Hospital, as part of our Outpatient Services Department, or our Community Support Services Department.

The programs offered within our Hospital are briefly described below. Please click on the program name for a more in-depth overview of each program.

Rehabilitation (in-patient)

A low-intensity rehabilitation program and a general/stroke rehabilitation program are both available at SJHCG to those who have experienced a health event, such as chronic heart failure or stroke. Low-intensity and general/stroke rehabilitation are options when patients are stable enough to leave an acute care hospital, but not yet strong enough to return home.

Palliative Care

At SJHCG, we recognize that end of life can bring about a wide range of feelings and emotions. Our team of compassionate care providers are here to support patients and families in a way that ensures the highest quality of life for the patient and a meaningful end of life experience for all.

Complex Medical

The complex medical program at SJHCG provides 24-hour, residential nursing care and personal support to patients with complex medical needs. People with severe disabilities or progressive illnesses may turn to complex medical when their needs cannot be met in the community or in a long term care facility.