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Gifts of Security

Gifts of Securities

Making a gift of appreciated securities is a great way to support excellence in local
rehabilitation services, a variety of healthcare services and long term care.
Your investment today will help accomplish your philanthropic goals while
realizing significant tax savings.

When you donate stocks, bonds, futures or shares in mutual funds to St.
Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation Guelph, you will pay no tax on the capital
gain (the increase in value, since you acquired the securities). If you sell
these securities outright, tax must be paid on 50 per cent of any capital gain.
The combined benefit of paying no tax on the capital gain and the charitable tax receipt you
receive provides excellent tax benefits.
All securities received by The Foundation are sold and the funds can be used as
you have directed. Your charitable tax receipt will be based on the fair market
value of the securities on the day that the Foundation receives the funds.
For more information, please contact Jennifer Hall at jennifer.hall@sjhcg.ca
or 519.824.6000 ext. 4201

For our Securities Transfer Form, please click here: