Amputee Clinic

The St. Joseph Heath Centre Guelph Amputee Clinic provides amputee care to residents of Guelph and surrounding area.


To gain access to this care you must have a referral from a physician, usually a surgeon or family doctor

The team

A team of dedicated health professionals are involved in the amputee assessment and follow-up care.

The Specialized Amputee Team includes a physiatrist, prosthetist, and physiotherapist.  If needed a referral can be made to an occupational therapist, nurse practitioner or social worker.

Roles of the Specialized Amputee Team members

(physician that specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation) provides medical assessment and oversees the team who manage your medical care.

Prosthetist assists in the assessment process to determine your prosthetic needs, fabricates and
fits your prosthesis, and provides follow-up adjustments and maintenance of your prosthesis.

assists in the assessment process to determine your prosthetic needs by providing treatment through outpatient therapy services. The physiotherapist assists you in becoming independent
without a prosthesis, and  provides you with education on prosthetic use, walking with confidence and performing daily activities with your prosthesis.

Clinic Secretary
will provide you with your appointment in the clinic and contact you with follow-up information.

Amputee Care and Rehabilitation brochure
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